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IT Rentals Solutions

LAPTOP Available : From Core2Duo / Dual Core / i3 / i5 Based Processor

DESKTOP Available : From Core2Duo / Dual Core / i3 / i5 Based Processor

SERVER Available : From Xeon Based Processor Rack / Tower -Custom Build Configuration Available.

Why Rent Technology ?

If you look at technology changing trends , technology asset value is declining at a very fast rate.in today's fast-moving business environment, companies are finding it increasingly challenging to keep up with an even faster pace of technology advancements as IT hardware manufacturers and software developers continuously introduce new and better equipment to make users more productive.

This shows clearly that ownership is no longer a good option for company's intent on staying current with new technology offerings and for those who wish to reduce the operating costs of technology.You either spend Rs. 20,000 on a typical technology purchase today, or elect to pay a little over Rs.100- 1500 a month and use the money you have saved to better use in your business.

Money Saver

Use your cash for better use and do not lock your money in buying rapidly changing technology.

Spending LESS

If you are a Startup or growing in your business , money is always in short supply. Only way to effectively use your funds is to rent essential and critical hardware required for your company's operational needs.

Easy to rent

Before extending a capital equipment loan, banks will usually want to see two to three years of financial records which most new companies do not have. We usually evaluate the project for which the equipment is going to be used and understand the cash flow generated from the project.

Keep pace with technology

You can get all the equipment you really need, not just what you think you can afford. Better & Latest technology not only dose it create a better processional image for you, but it also boosts the morale and productivity of the employee; and this would translate into bettaer results for the company as a whole.

Easy end of term options

At the end of the term you have the option to choose what you want to do with the equipment: Keep on renting the same equipment (often at a reduced rate) Return the equipment back to us
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